Monday, June 2, 2014

My Thyroid Will Get By With a Little Help From My Friends!

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook about my thyroid condition, the goiter (reassuring everyone that it is not the size of a football!) and that I've been having some really bad bouts of acid re-flux lately.  I had so many friends respond--people I had no idea had thyroid problems. It was so awesome to have so much support from my friends.  One of them actually sent me several texts with lots of important information.  I knew from my research that thyroid problems are pretty common but I didn't realize just how many of the people I already know have been diagnosed with similar problems. It's good to have the support but it's also really sad that there's so many people who have this horrible problem.
And I'm not sure people who don't have it realize just how nasty it can be.  A thyroid problem, whether it's hypo or hyper, messes with a lot of other stuff. Your quality of life can be drastically affected by having a disruptive thyroid.  Since I started taking my new meds on Wednesday I have felt a lot better, other than the acid!) I can't say that I'm not tired any more but I can say that the brain fog is starting to lift. It's like I'm tired because I worked a lot (even at 10:00 AM) rather than the usual, "I'm gonna fall asleep right at my desk!" sort of tired.  And that's definitely an improvement.
So, now I'm wondering, how many of you have been reading my posts and thinking, "Hmmm that sounds like me.  Can't lose weight, can't stop gaining weight, tired all the time, hair doing it's own thing, skin is dry, libido is lacking, yep, could be me."  Anyone?  I'm hopeful that, by sharing my story, others will be able to figure out what is going on with their own crazy thyroids as well!

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